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Improve your confidence in speaking English

EFL Monster uses active learning, requiring English learners to take part actively in and outside of the virtual classroom. We expect our students to enhance their conversational skills using real-life simulations and experiences. EFL Monster’s goal, to get you to converse in English confidently.

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Student-focused + Active Learning

We will improve your confidence in speaking English!

All lessons are customized to the needs of our students. Our aim is to make the lesson as realistic as possible. Our founder, Kevin Miller, Jr., learned to converse in 6 different languages that allowed him to hold basic (to intermediate) level conversations with local speakers. His methods employ a combination of Active Learning, Immersion, and Walking English.

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Active Learning

We engage all students to fully take part during our lessons, avoiding scripts and dialogues. This is the best way to be confident in speaking English.

All lessons at EFL Monster use active learning, which requires students to do some work outside the virtual classroom.

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Being in the environment to speak English is the key to improving your conversation skills. We aim to ensure students make their own English-speaking environment, whether at home or in the park.

The best way to gain English speaking confidence is to speak often.

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Walking English

Walking English is just that, you will walk to a location live with your teacher. You will remember much that you learned during these lessons.

By following this approach, you can gain confidence in communicating in English, which is a starting point to improve your English skills.

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Empowering all learners

Build Confidence

As a language learner myself, I understand the frustration of paying for courses that show little to no results. That is why I created EFL Monster, to help students actually converse in English. From my experience, I understand that once you build confidence in speaking a language, you will more likely use the language. That is how I learned to speak in 6 different languages.

In the early stages of language learning, fluency should not be an issue, build your confidence first. Then continuing on with an English school, while integrating with EFL Monster, will ensure you will master the English language on your terms.

Kevin Miller, Jr., Founder of EFL Monster.

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Test and tried. If it works for the founder, it will work with you. Every lesson will have pronunciation work with reviews!
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Most English learners have “teachers” to communicate. We prefer students speak with real native speakers.
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We will let you know how well you are improving. Our exams will have you speak with a native speaker.
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